Ten Thousand Crows complete Tarot card series with 'Judgement'

Sydney deathcore/hardcore band Ten Thousand Crows have returned with Judgement, the anticipated fifth and final release in their tarot card-inspired Macabre Arcana series.

After their last single The Lovers hit over 350K Spotify streams, the duo were keen to follow up quickly, but this time with a more experimental song influenced by a variety of contemporaries.

"From a musical standpoint, this is our most adventurous song to date by far," explains guitarist Jordan Hurst. "I was taking cues from metalcore bands like Polaris, Code Orange and then also the far extremes of deathcore like Distant, Mental Cruelty and Black Tongue. The end result is a bit of a melting pot of genres that speaks for itself."

Another sign of the young band experimenting further is the inclusion of a guest vocalist for the first time. “Niik (script) was one of those vocalists who made me stop when I was scrolling through suggested bands on spotify," says Jordan. "He's also just a really fucking sweet guy to work with and he writes some intense passages. The Japanese scene is blowing up and we wanted to try and help spread it around internationally.”

“I thought Niik was a really nice counterbalance to my vocal style,” says vocalist George Mackenzie, “His part in the breakdown of the song adds so much impact, it really was the perfect fit.”'

The single is accompanied by a lyric video which features the incredible tarot card artwork by artist and longtime collaborator FD Bones.

So what’s next for Ten Thousand Crows?

“We’ve got 1 more surprise which will be a grand finale to the Macabre Arcana tarot card singles series,” reveals George, “and we’re already working on material for the next release which is sounding fucking crushing. Be prepared.”

Jordan ends with, “Singles have worked extremely well for us so far but now we want to move away from that game for a while and release a more complete body of work. Stay tuned for the next phase of 10k coming soon.”